How to Maximise your Timber Usage in Your Roof and Truss Designs

With timber shortages due to supply chain issues and with the costs of it increasing, it is now more important than ever to maximise the use of timber. So how can we best help prefabricators and housebuilders do just that?

Implementing and using the right software

It is very important to implement and have the right software in place that will help you get the most out of your timber, especially during this difficult time within our industry. ITW Construction Products Offsite’s Gang-Nail Matrix Software helps prefabricators and housebuilders optimise the use of timber. With the timber optimiser feature, prefabricators can now calculate how to best utilise the timber within their stock for roof and truss designs at the click of a button.

This feature within the Gang-Nail Matrix software analyses your timber stock and calculates how to best utilise it for roof and truss design jobs. Once you’ve run the calculations, the software will produce a document that encompasses a pick list of what length of timber to use for the required job.

Minimise wastage

While we’re experiencing timber shortages within the industry, there is also a big focus on sustainability and greener building methods for both prefabricators and housebuilders. Using software that can help you build in a more sustainable way will in turn also help you to get the most out of your timber stock.

Timber optimiser helps prefabricators and housebuilders meet their sustainability targets by minimising timber wastage and making more efficient use of materials within their supply chain. This feature not only supports with sustainable building methods and puts prefabricators in a better position within this climate, but it also helps save on costs.

Analyse trends and save on materials

Now that we’ve spoken about how the timber optimiser works within Gang-Nail Matrix software and how it can help with sustainability targets, let’s talk about how you can analyse trends using this feature. For your roof and truss design jobs, the timber optimiser calculates what length of timber within your stock is needed for the required design jobs. With this feature, prefabricators can analyse trends and identify what lengths of timber is most needed and used within their stock. This can help businesses distinguish what length of timber they should and should not invest in, which helps with material savings.

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