Glossary of Terms

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Factory Engineered Concrete (FEC)

Applies to pre-cast concrete elements of a structure. This includes wall and floor elements, ceilings, staircases, columns and beams. Also, FEC elements can include building service containment routes, window and door openings and possibly thermal insulation.

Systems: Precast Concrete     Components: Flooring, Insulation, Windows & Doors

Field Factory

A factory facility set up near to the construction site, usually to reduce the need for long-distance transportation of preassembled products. Particularly relevant for large scale, often civil engineering or infrastructure projects such as airports or bridges.

Components: Machinery

Floor Cassette

A factory-manufactured panel comprising a series of floor joists joined together with trimmers or end-joists to form a load-bearing element of floor construction. Generally used for residential or low to medium-rise buildings and usually steel or timber.

Systems: Timber Frame     Components: Flooring

Foundation (Fast Track)

Pre-cast concrete systems can be used to construct foundations rapidly. The elements are usually to a bespoke design and cast in a factory environment.

These systems improve productivity, especially in adverse weather conditions, and reduce the amount of excavation required - particularly advantageous when dealing with contaminated ground.

Offsite foundation techniques also include steel mini piles and helical screw piles.

Systems: Precast Concrete     Components: Flooring

Frame and Framing Systems

The term "Frame" typically refers to the structure of a building and may be constructed from many different materials. Also, the term may be used to describe the supporting structure for a pod or other volumetric unit.

This section includes descriptions for several terms related to frames and framing.

Systems: Pods, Timber Frame, Volumetric Modular