Glossary of Terms

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Lift Shaft (prefabricated)

Containment for lifts and sometimes also bracing for structural frames. They are manufactured offsite, and often in pre-cast concrete or steel.

Systems: Precast Concrete

Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF)

Light gauge steel frame is a fundamentally important material to offsite construction. Structural panels assembled from cold-formed galvanised steel sections can be used in a wide range of building types and in hybrid situations with timber and other materials. Light gauge steel framing can be used for a building’s full frame but also for a variety of roofing, modular options and infill walling applications.

Systems: Light Steel Frame     Components: Roofing

Light Steel Frame (LSF)

Light steel framing is typically used for the primary structure of housing and low-to-medium-rise buildings of two to four storeys. For taller buildings, it can be complemented by the use of hot-rolled members at key locations.

Systems: Light Steel Frame