LSFA Launch Light Steel Technology Validation Guide

18th May, 2022

Developed by the Light Steel Frame Association (LSFA) – the Technology Validation Guide outlines accreditations that certify system performance, robust testing protocols and informative guidelines to support those manufacturing and specifying light steel framing (LSF) systems.

As a proven and well-established offsite manufactured technology, light steel frame is trusted and widely used throughout the UK across all construction sectors however, this document covers residential and commercial bedspace only.


Freely available to download from the LSFA’s website, the Technology Validation Guide covers light steel frame infill and oversail together with panelised and volumetric modular systems. The accreditation pathway is determined by the type of system, the construction sector and design parameters of the structure. Testing is required for the structural elements along with building physics data for fire, thermal, acoustic, and structural performance, for example. The types of testing along with the organisations who can carry out this work are highlighted in the document along with the relevant test standards.

Driving Collaboration and Growth in the Light Steel Framing Sector

Established to influence legislation, regulation and to support the overall objectives and growth of the sector, the Light Steel Frame Association is raising awareness of the cost, performance and productivity benefits and supporting the specification of light steel framing systems.

The Validation Guide provides a concise high-level overview which signposts construction professionals to valuable and trusted sources where further information is available.

For more information on the LSFA and to download the Light Steel Frame Technology Validation Guide, go to:

Read the full article, go to Offsite Magazine

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