New Approaches To Foundations For Modular Construction

19th May, 2022

With increasing demand to build on Brownfield sites, piled foundations are on the rise – but with a difference.

Due to the need for piled foundations, Brownfield sites often reduce project viability as builders often default to pile and beam foundations however, this approach is rarely cost-effective or time-efficient for modular builders. The primary downfalls of this approach are the time, cost and environmental impact of excavating for and constructing the beams. A huge amount of spoil goes to landfill, and a large amount of concrete is used, at great cost to the builder and the environment. These processes also add unnecessary time to the programme.

Luckily, the geotechnical engineers at Abbey Pynford have developed a solution. They have rationalised the foundation process, doing away with beams, and designed a new capped mono-pile foundation system, using their own Eco concrete mix, called Quickcaps. A capped mono-pile system offers all the advantages of traditional piled systems allowing you to overcome an array of ground issues and planning constraints without the bulky design and subsequent costs.

Unique to Abbey Pynford, the cap is poured while the pile is still wet, saving days off the programme. When compared to a pile and beam scheme, Abbey Pynford claims to be up to 75% faster and save their clients an estimated 50% on their foundation costs. Quickcaps are the most sustainable foundation choice when a piled solution is required, answering the industry demands to reduce construction's environmental impact.

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