Mid Group & Innovare - Stonebridge Primary School

Project Details

Project - Stonebridge Primary School

Sector - Educational

Technology - SIPs/CLT

Company - Mid Group & Innovare

Project Overview

Stonebridge Primary School was a project that Mid Group originally tendered and came 2nd in. The winning bidder took the second stage design through and ended up at £10.5m, against a £7.5m budget.
At this juncture, the Mid Group team were asked to re-review the project and see if we could deliver a scheme that would come in on budget and be fully compliant.

We reviewed the project with our offsite partner, Innovare, and committed to delivering on budget and on time.
We redesigned the project to realise the benefits of SIPs/CLT, saving almost 2.5 months on the programme alone, as well as the associated cost of prelims.

Notwithstanding the budget challenges, the London Borough of Brent and the client still had high design aspirations for the building. The new building sits alongside an existing Grade II listed school. Nobody wanted a new building that detracted from the existing, therefore architectural integrity was key.

The new building sits in the existing school playground, therefore minimising noise and disruption were crucial to avoid impacting upon on the education of the students. Minimising running costs was clearly also important. The adoption of a SIP solution delivered no disruption and an excellent EPC score of just 13.

Find further information on Mid Group & Innovare on their website: www.mid-group.co.uk / www.innovaresystems.co.uk