Pent Developments - Offsite Penthouse

Project Details

Project - Offsite Penthouse

Sector - Residential

Technology - SIPs   

Company - Pent Developments   

Project Overview

We believe that over the past year we have demonstrated that through a flexible and creative approach, we can unlock valuable land which would otherwise remain unused in a way that does not negatively impact the local community or disrupt existing residents lives. We can do so by using an approach that reduces the carbon footprint of the build and creates beautiful homes that are powered by energy efficient technology.

This was demonstrated in a project we have recently completed near London Bridge where we circumvented most of the logistical issues associated with roof development to create a penthouse on an unused rooftop where conventional construction methods were not suitable. The client could not find a solution that made commercial sense so we built a bespoke shell offsite using SIP Panels and a small Hiab crane to deliver and erect the shell. This solved issues of access, weight and provided a solution which delivered on structural integrity, sustainability, aesthetics and liveability.

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