Setanta - Claridges Hotel, London

Project Details

Project - Claridges Hotel, London

Sector - Commerical

Technology - Timber/Steel/SIP   

Company - Setanta  

Project Overview

The project consisted of building a 4 story extension onto Claridges Hotel London.

Claridges is a Victorian hotel with very distinct Victorian exterior features.

This would not be a project normally considered for an offsite construction approach. We had several meetings with the client and worked through the possibilities. The client could easily see the benefits of offsite construction for reasons of simple logistics. (Numbers of workers on-site at any one time, providing welfare facilities, health and safety issues, etc.)

We came up with a modular approach using timber frame and light steel frame combined with a SIP panel to the roof which was a combination of modern construction methods but still, the exterior was very much in keeping with the Victorian features necessary.

The main Victorian features of this project were the ornate large timber finished dormer windows with balconies that step back from each other as they go up the roof. Each dormer measured approximately 3m X 2.7m x 2.5m.

The specification insisted that the dormers were of timber construction and finish and should be mimicking existing dormer windows already on the roof of Claridges.

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