Project Details

Project - Roof Tile Firestop and Roof Ridge Firestop

Technology - Offsite

Company - Tenmat

Project Overview

Fire can spread rapidly via gaps between the head of wall and below the roof tiles in properties with a common roof. Correct firestopping under roof tiles and below the roof ridge is often of poor quality as these critical areas are generally seen as "out of sight and out of mind". Because of the wide variation in gaps under roof tiles, it is difficult to provide an adequate firestopping solution using traditional firestopping methods. TENMAT have solved all of the above issues via the development of the fully intumescent Roof Tile Firestop and Roof Ridge Firestop, which unlike traditional methods, do not require a high level of skill and time to fit and have been fully fire tested to the most onerous standards. The new products improve the safety of both occupants and fire fighters, as well as making installation fast and efficient.