WB Timber Innovations - Visitor Attractor project, Pendine Sands, Carmarthen Coast, South Wales

Project Details

Project - Visitor Attractor project, Pendine Sands, Carmarthen Coast, South Wales

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Timber/SIPs  

Company - WB Timber Innovations

Project Overview

On the south Wales coast - Pendine Sands - is best known for its links to the original World Land-Speed record attempts undertaken along its beach. Indeed, to this day the beach is still used by racing enthusiasts and tourists alike to remember these historical events.

The most famous being when the BABS car was driven to a record speed of over 171mph in 1926. BABS was completely restored after a fatal accident at that attempt and has been housed in a museum at the site ever since.
The Welsh government keen to attract more tourism to the Pendine area commissioned WRW Construction to build the first ever Passivhaus museum to replace the existing alongside a new low energy hostel. The 'attractor' project part funded by the European Union is designed to enhance the areas tourism appeal and create many jobs for the local area.

Timber Innovations was chosen because of our experience with low-energy buildings to completely design, engineer and install the breathable walls and roof envelope to both the museum and hostel buildings. Our Passiv Innovations system ensured specification of extremely low U Values and airtightness were met and achieved a 'near zero' in-service carbon footprint.

Find further information on WB Timber Innovations on their website: www.timberinnovations.co.uk