Project Details

Project - Kozee UK Wireless

Technology - Offsite

Company - Wireless - Navitas

Project Overview

We have designed a patent pending UK style, wireless, battery free light switch. The product was conceived and designed initially with MMC in mind. As our product can fit to any surface without the need to be attached to wires, it has many benefits from environmental as it can reduce up to 40% of construction plastic waste and rare earth materials, as well as being movable to a height for people with disabilities or children, it can also be placed inside a bathroom or toilet as there is electricity supplied to it. The product concept initially came from the idea for a switch that could be placed with out the need to chase out walls or in the case with MMC bore through thermally constructed walls in the factory as this is time consuming and costly, the speed of deployment is also a financial benefit to any construction partner. Our Kozee smart portfolio allows future proof integration, we have added Alexa and Google Home to our receivers, these also interact with our sensors and monitor the internal environment from heat, humidity and lux levels ensuring perfect living conditions or preventive maintenance if alerts are triggered.