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Prepare to Succeed


The ongoing pandemic has upended how businesses operate but it is also proving to be a catalyst for change. The transition from traditional onsite construction methods to more efficient offsite manufacturing approaches has advanced at a...

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Evolving The Wheel


With decades of offsite experience to draw on – and an early contributor to the Offsite Magazine – Cogent Consulting is hugely busy advising on a wide range of offsite delivery issues across the UK and overseas. We asked Managing Director,...

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Net Zero Living Targets


We must harness the power of offsite to build back better, says Mark Davis, Acting Head of Partnerships and Communications at Public Sector Plc, if modular homes are to increase the quantity and quality of new homes and help to save the...

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The Employment Market Is Changing - But Not How You Might Expect


We have seen, many lose jobs during Covid, often through no fault of their own, and some really strong people are now immediately available. However, many more are on the job market, who are perfectly fine in their role. Lay-offs...

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Delivering Swedish Style and Sustainability


Although BoKlok may be an unfamiliar brand name in the UK, its joint owners Skanska and IKEA are familiar faces to most of us. As Graeme Culliton, BoKlok Managing Director and Country Manager told us, things are about to change. ...

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Dispelling MMC Myths


The benefits of MMC housing are evident for the public sector – so why has take-up been so slow? Barriers to entry, from cost to standardisation need to be eradicated, says John Skivington, Group Director at LHC. Despite a report...

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Working Together to Create Volume & Demand


Steve Chivers, Managing Director at modular manufacturer Rollalong and Paul Read, Head of Development and Sales at Magna Housing, discuss how their partnership is encouraging more clients to see the benefits of offsite construction. ...

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Navigating the World of designing healthcare spaces


The demands of healthcare architecture are entirely unique to its own regulations, needs and complexities. Philip Ruffle, Director at Munday + Cramer, outlines the wide scope of considerations on how space is used and why offsite thinking can...

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Safe, Sustainable Roofing Solutions from MEDITE SMARTPLY


A perhaps little anticipated knock-on effect of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic is the global return to disposable commodity items—for safety against virus transmission. For today’s increasingly environmentally conscious society,...

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NHBC Accepts: Driving Offsite Housing Excellence


NHBC provide warranty and insurance for around 75-80% of the new homes built in the UK each year. With the recent launch of NHBC Accepts, they now bring decades of expertise and knowledge to the offsite world. We spoke to Richard Lankshear,...

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